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Online Webinar, March 23rd 11am - 12pm (EST)

A lot of designers moved to a BIM workflow, but found the tools they used to be too complex and restrictive. While some reverted to their previous work methods, others are only using BIM for the latter parts of the project, once the conception is done.

  • What if you could work in BIM with the freedom of Sketchup?
  • How about using the same model from the first concept through to construction drawings and site supervision?

Join us for this educational webinar, where we will demo how we move from the conceptual phase and manual sketches to 3D presentation and design documents.

We will demonstrate:

    • Easy modelling combining 2D and 3D techniques;
    • Innovative presentation techniques;
    • Automatic generation of documents.


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Attendees will receive a certificate of completion,  for their respective association's Continuing Education requirements.


Additional Information:

The following software solutions will be used during the webinar:

  • Archicad
  • Twinmotion
  • BIMx

Presenters:  Camille Chami and Linda Lepor√© from CADcentre


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