BIMcloud: Collaboration in Real Time

Model-Based Collaboration happens through BIMcloud

So you start in your journey of BIM implementation, and got to produce a model-based version of your project. Now it’s time to get your office to collaborate and work on the same model at the same time.

BIM CloudBIMcloud enables real-time, secure teamwork between architects and consultants, regardless of the size of the design project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection.

It's User Friendly

Easy-to-use Teamwork with BIMcloud does not require IT skills from architects. Team members can reserve parts of the project or work on individual floors, sections, elevations or layouts. Automatic, real-time element reservation helps everyday work by providing exclusive access to specific design elements without any hassle, while BIMcloud ensures the integrity of the project database in the background.

Fast on any network

BIMcloud uses GRAPHISOFT's patented “Delta” technology to provide an ultra-fast design sharing and collaboration platform. Only the element changes are sent between team members, so the network load is minimal, making bandwidth irrelevant.

Real-time collaboration and messaging

BIMcloud enables not only real-time design work on the same project, but also provides an instant collaboration platform. The color-coded workspace helps to identify who is working on what. Thanks to BIMx PRO, design issues can be resolved through instant messages and annotated screenshots using tablets and smartphones.

Work Offline

BIMcloud works on any network, and architects can even work on the go on a laptop at remote locations without an Internet connection. Once back online, not only will they share their latest work with others via BIMcloud but will also receive the latest changes and updates by other members of the design team.

It's Low maintenance

BIMcloud’s built in tools ensure very high uptime and quick recovery in case of an unexpected situation. Project snapshots are created on regular-bases, making sure that the project can be restored into an earlier state in case a design issue requires it. Server backups are created automatically, which will enable the user to restore an entire server from a backup with a few clicks after a vis major situation. Built in monitoring ensures that there are always enough system resources available for work. If they fall short, then an email is sent to the user about a possible danger – well before it becomes critical.

It's scalable: works for teams and projects of any size

BIMcloud is truly scalable and provides unique benefits for teams and large design projects. Teams located across continents can work simultaneously on large projects without hassle or delay. Smaller teams will benefit from automated project snapshots and role management: focus on the design instead of management.


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