ArchiCAD License Types

What is the right license for you?

There are several factors to consider.

1. Educational vs Corporate.

If you are a student, teacher, or any academic institution, please go to and get a free academic version of the software.

If you are a professional, these are the options to consider:

2. Types of commercial licenses

Perpetual License:

Perpetual software license is paid up-front. For ARCHICAD, you also pay for one yearly maintenance (Archiplus) with the initial purchase, which covers upgrades and support. After that initial investment, you can keep the license as it is, pay for an upgrade when you need it, or pay to renew the yearly maintenance and keep the license up to date at all time.

Subscription License:

Subscription is paid on a yearly or monthly basis and the license is valid until it's not renewed. Version upgrade and tech support are included in with an ongoing subscription.

What is better, subscription or perpetual?

It depends on several facctors. If you want an analysis of which license is more suitable for your needs and what would be the breakeven point, please get in touch and we will help figuring this out.

3. Versions of ARCHICAD


Solo licenses have been developped for the Solo practitioner.  ARCHICAD Solo  has the  same functionalities as  ARCHICAD , except for the following:

TeamWork for collaboration, allows several people working on the same file at the same time

Cinema 4D rendering engine a high-end rendering tool from within your BIM software

Hotlink/X-ref that allows live link connection with external files


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