Sketch & Tap

Draw the shape of the room on the screen. OrthoGraph I creates walls automatically from your lines. Merge rooms easily together, simply move them besides each other and they will snap to their proper position.


Measure as you go

Measure everything as you go: walls, diagonals, openings, ceiling height, or even objects, by snapping measurements directly into your drawing, via Bluetooth® from your compatible Leica laser distance meter. You won't need another colleague to help with the survey anymore, so you can move faster.

Click here to see the compatible Leica LDMs


Reports, calculations

Use photos, annotations and custom parameters – the program allows you to document every detail of the building you work on. Get calculations on surface values, volume, and perimeter on site. Email a complete building document from the scene to your desktop, to your clients or colleagues.


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OrthoGraph Floor Plan Survey System

OrthoGraph is the most advanced floor plan survey and creation system made up by a CAD app running on the iPad and a respective group of cloud services.

The iPad module utilizes all the benefits of the multi-touch iPad screen that is large enough to work with. The strong hardware of your iPad always supports onsite work.

Let you work on small rooms as a carpenter or large office buildings as a member of building surveyor teams, OrthoGraph performs well in both situations. Find here which OrthoGraph version is the best to your needs.

OrthoGraph Cloud gives you further online benefits like file backup and versioning, file sharing and the unrivalled automated teamwork functionality. Click here and spend less time on making professional floor plans with OrthoGraph Cloud.

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