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Canadian Architects operate in an increasingly competitive market. While their primary objective remains the achievement of great design, they need to manage time and resources to stay profitable. It is not an easy task, as customers become more demanding requesting more complex deliverables.

A boost in profitability was promised to the Architect with the arrival of new technologies, most noticeably the Building Information Modelling (BIM). The migration from the traditional Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to BIM is intended to significantly increase productivity. However, reaching success through BIM is not guaranteed and will depend on the adoption of a software that has been developed for the specific needs of the profession. Unfortunately, the prevailing BIM tool was originally developed for Engineers and most Architects find it lacking the flexibility they need to develop their Design.

For this reason, CADcentre was founded to address these challenges. Our vision is to empower Architects to thrive in their practice as they strive to produce great projects. Therefore, it is no coincidence that CADcentre chose to become Graphisoft’s reseller in its territory. We believe that ARCHICAD’s focus on Architecture makes its offering unique.

ARCHICAD is the second most adopted BIM software by Architects worldwide as well as in Canada. This great tool has been built from the ground up for the Architects. ARCHICAD helps its user to focus on Design, and improve their workflow with less changes to the project. Additionally, ARCHICAD gives the Architects great tools to improve the communication of his ideas to their clients, We are discussing though our website what makes ARCHICAD so special and describe the joy that its users experience, working on it.

By supplying you with the best in class tool and training you on how to implement it, we make sure that you achieve a higher rate of success. We would love to hear from you, so let’s start a conversation and hear about your work and your own aspirations for success.



The Team


Camille Chami


Camille GSNA r webCamille Chami has worked for more than 15 years as an Architect, designing both residential and corporate projects. During his practicing years, Camille was drawn towards CAD Management and enjoyed exploring the latest technological solutions available.

In the early 2000s, Building Information Modelling (BIM) was still in its infancy and Camille wanted to proactively promoting it. In 2007, he founded CADcentre (previously called CadTopia) to offer Architects and Designers high-end software solutions, with services covering all aspects of integration, utilization, training and technical support.

In 2016, CADcentre became an Authorized reseller for GRAPHISOFT and Camille brought, with his background, a wealth of insight to the Architecture firms open to improving their workflow. Camille enjoys the human aspect in his work allowing him to meet and work along with professionals from diverse backgrounds.



Linda Leporé


Linda Lepore web

Linda Leporé has dedicated her career to the success of her clients. For close to 38 years, Linda poured passion, dedication and honesty into her work, becoming a trusted advisor to her clients throughout the years.
Linda thrives on her ability to deliver value to her clients and helping Canadian organizations, large and small, use technology to either reinvent their businesses or drive productivity gains.
Her client’s success has always been at the forefront. She worked at both small start-ups and large organizations like IBM. 
In 2020, Linda joined the team at CADcentre. She is now leading customer success, her lifelong passion, in the Architectural and Design industry representing BIM software solutions.





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