Towards a better workflow...

Canadian architects operate in an increasingly competitive market. While their primary objective remains the achievement of great design, they need to manage time and resources to stay profitable. It’s not an easy task, as customers become more demanding and deliverables more complex. They don’t understand how their peers can operate on lower fees. A lot of smaller firms carry a misconception that they cannot compete with larger ones that supposedly have more resources on their hands.

To architects, interior designers, design-build professionals, we ask:

Why did you chose your current software?

- Architects pose a critical judgment when it comes to Design, why don’t they do the same for their operations? How did you come about selecting your current authoring software.

- Was it an independent choice or you thought “ If everyone else is using it, then it's good"?

- What percentage of the software you actually utilize? Are you using other software to compensate for the deficiencies that you encountered?

- What impact is it having on your work?

Is BIM working for you … or not?

The migration from the traditional CAD (computer Aided Drafting) to Building Information Modelling (BIM) is supposed to significantly increase productivity.

Many smaller firms purchased a product that proved to be inflexible as they were led into developed a disrupted workflow requiring several software to complete. Some even shelved their BIM software and returned to CAD.

How many times do you redesign?

A lot of architects and interior designers tell us that they start your work with Sketchup, then repeat it in your authoring tool to continue with the development of the project. How much time is spent, just redrawing the project? Ask your team members if such redundant work is fun to do.

Still using a CAD software? A lot of time gets wasted for rectifications and manual coordination. Can you quantify the impact of the change requests have on your profitability?

How much money are you leaving on the table?

Such a disrupted workflow is costly. How much time does it add on your project: 10, 15, 20, 25% ? We prepared this calculator for you to evaluate such a cost.Still using a CAD software? A lot of time gets wasted for rectifications and manual coordination. Can you quantify the impact of the change requests have on your profitability?

..please fill in the values below according to your office's situation, then press 'Calculate'.

 Average team size per project is:     Your average project takes months to complete:
 Average hourly rate of the team members    % of time wasted through the disruptions to the workflow
Our mission? Guiding you on how to improve your workflow...

For the last 12 years our mission has been to empower the architects and designers to thrive in their practice as they strive to produce great projects.

The answer for success is quite simple and universal:

It's combining  the best tool available and the knowledge on how to use it!

The Tool


The toolThe architect's thought process and his approach to Design are unique. A software tool designed specifically for architects will give you a huge advantage over a software originally designed for engineers and then adapted for architects. A good software should become an extension of your thinking. Able to help you better your design, illustrate your ideas. and better explain the project in all its details. 

To give its customer the perfect control of their projects, that CADcentre chose ARCHICAD. Archicad is the second most adopted BIM software by architects worldwide as well as in Canada. Beloved by its users, Archicad’s focus on Architecture makes its offering unique.

  • It has been built from the ground up for the architects and designers;
  • It focuses on Design exploration;
  • It improves communication with clients, consultants, and contractors;
  • It creates a smoother workflow aimed at reducing changes in the project; while lessening their impact when they occur;
  • Most importantly, it brings back the pleasure of working on projects.

The Implementation


The tool

We don’t just offer a software, but a comprehensive implementation plan including training and workflow customization tailored for your specific needs, as well as the size of your firm. Such a training offer can be done on location and complemented with remote sessions and online courses. We make sure that you are successful.

With a CADcentre-Graphisoft solution, smaller firm can do more. True story that clients of ours related about the reaction of a customers, when visiting their office asked: “Where is the rest of the Team’.

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It's time for you to adopt the better workflow!
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