A conversation with Aaron Bourgoin of architects­-Alliance

Seasoned Archicad User Shares His Knowledge


Architects and designers working on larger buildings face several challenges related to software use. Resolving intricacies of design, handling of complex 3D models, collaboration, and coordination.

In this free remote webinar, Camille spoke with Aaron Bourgoin, Design Technology Coordinator at architects—Alliance.
Throughout his career spanning decades, Aaron has cultivated a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability. Staying informed about the latest software trends and updates ensures that designers can leverage the most efficient tools for their projects.

Learning objectives:

- Enhancing Archicad's Workflow: Strategic Measures Implemented;
- Overcoming Challenges: Effective Strategies for Success;
- Dealing with large files;
- Working with external consultants;
- Looking toward the future: New technologies and challenges.

Regardless of the scale of your projects or the size of your practice, gaining insights from seasoned Archicad user can be incredibly enriching. Hearing about the daily challenges and successes within his practice provides valuable lessons. You will get insights into comprehensive project management strategies, methods to boost productivity, ways to enhance collaboration, and techniques to improve overall project efficiency.