Try ARCHICAD and Receive a Warm Gift from CadCentre

imac with ARCHICAD

CadCentre wants to encourage people assessing ARCHICAD to try some of its neat features.

If you can successfuly do this small exercise, that means that your evaluation of ARCHICAD is going well.

Once this the exercise is done and sent to us as described below, we will send you a $10.00 gift card from Starbucks, to congratulate you on your effort.


- To be elligible, you need to be located is Cadcentre's ARCHICAD territory of eastern Canada. That includes the following provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

- You also shouldn't be a registered ARCHICAD user. (please be fair)

What to do:

  • Create a house that should contain the features mentioned below. You can follow our video as a guide.


    • 2 stories with external walls, floors, internal partitions;
    • A roof using the Roof tool;
    • Windows and Doors at both stories;
    • Stairs using the stairs tools.
    • Surrounding site using the mesh tool
  • Transfer the drawings to the layout book and publish the model to BIMx. The video will show you how.


  • Send us your .bimx file by filling the form below. Please make sure that your bimx file is smaller than 15MB (a simple project shouldn't go more than 10MB). If your file happens to be larger,  please contact us and we will give you further directions to get it to us.


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